Board of Directors


2020 KARC Board of Directors


Mike Masse

Gary Sullivan
Vice President

Yvonne Prevallet

Jana Daniels


Jenn Rienstra

Miranda Smith

Paul Van Helmond

Lillian Wanjagi

Chris Wetherholt

Katy Area Running Club

Officers and Directors – 2020


Mike Masse – Mike is a founding member of KARC and has served 4 years as President of KARC.  He has been an avid runner for over two decades.  He had been involved in a marathon training group for 9 years with 7 years coaching experience prior to his involvement with KARC.  Mike is a longtime member of HARRA and has run many road races in and away from Houston – even one adventure race, one trail marathon and one triathlon.  His interests are in building and supporting a local running community through fun club activities, involvement in running related organizations, and other volunteer opportunities.  Finishing his corporate career in September 2015 as Intellectual Property Director for a Houston-based chemical company, Mike currently devotes his working hours to Club organization and activities.


Gary Sullivan – Gary has served as the KARC Treasurer for 4 years.  He has been involved in the area running scene since 2010 and was a member of Katy FIT from 2011 - 2016 with the last two years as an assistant coach for the Blue/Green group. His interest is to promote the health aspects of running and support other runners to attain their goals in a fun and friendly environment.   Gary has recently retired as vice president and chief accounting officer from an off-shore oil and gas company and has extensive experience directing international and corporate accounting functions. He is a certified public accountant and a member of the Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants.



Yvonne Prevallet – Yvonne served on the board as a Director in 2019.  Yvonne enjoys walking and many of her best friends are runners including her husband, Craig. She has learned about the sport from Craig's marathons, her son Julian’s high school cross country experience and Gabe's triathlon training. She joined KARC since she found she was always hanging out with them anyway and loves the inclusiveness of the club. Yvonne is retired after 30 years in upstream oil and gas where she held roles in engineering, finance and VP of investment governance.


Jana Daniels – Jana has served on the board as Secretary for 2 years.  She comes from a running family and has been around track and field for as long as she can remember.  She was bitten by the distance running bug when she moved to Sacramento in 2008 with her husband and they joined a local running club.  While in California Jana competed in numerous road races including several half marathons but never made the jump to the full marathon.  Jana moved back to Houston in 2012 and joined KatyFit and in 2013 she ran her first marathon.  Jana loves meeting new people in the running community and helping support those around her in their running goals.   Running is a family event for the Daniels family and Jana can often be found running on the bayou with her husband and her three children.


Jenn Rienstra – Jenn served on the board as a Director in 2019.  Jenn started running in 1995 with Run On! and DAR in Dallas.  In 2013 she joined Katy Fit and subsequently KARC.   Jenn has participated in 7 marathons and several half marathons.  She loves the social aspect of running and has met many of her close friends on long runs.  Inspired by other KARC members, she intends to run for at least 25 more years.  Jenn is a Mortgage Loan Officer with Guild Mortgage in Katy.  Her 13-year old son Henry plans to join KARC in the future.














Miranda Smith - After experiencing a “quarter-life” crisis in college, Miranda initially took up running as a means of escaping from daily problems in her life at the time. Finding an unusual sense of both peace and energy from her nightly jog, Miranda was content with running in solitude until she joined her university’s half marathon training club. Spending her weekends doing long runs with the group, Miranda quickly realized parallel gains in both her endurance and circle of friends. In December 2018, Miranda ran her first half marathon (The Rock n’ Roll San Antonio) with the group. Eager to continue being a part of a running community, Miranda joined KARC upon graduating in May 2019, and has been an active member ever since. She is the pace group leader for the “Cougars” training group and is excited to run her first marathon (Chevron Houston, January 2020) with the mutual support of fellow KARC’ers.

Paul van Helmond – Paul served on the board as a Director in 2019.  Paul has been running on and off since he was a youngster.  Paul ran (recreational) track in his native The Netherlands in college and then picked running back up when he was in Texas in the late 90’s.  Paul ran his first marathon in 1997 with Houston FIT.  Since moving back to Texas in 2016, Paul joined KARC and he has run several half marathons and one full marathon since.  Paul loves the running community, its supportive character and its no-whining, mind-over-matter attitude.   Paul works at an engineering contractor in downtown Houston, is married and has three sons, two in college and a third one at Katy Taylor HS.

Lillian Wanjagi – Lillian served on the board as a Director in 2019.  Lillian has been running for since her first run on the Couch to 5K app in September 2014.  Eight weeks later she ran her first official race, the Thanksgiving Katy YMCA Turkey Dash 5K. She has been hooked since then.  Lillian loves signing up for races – which she does often.  Lillian says that races provide the discipline and motivation she needs to run all year long.  She ran so many races in 2017 (20+ races) that one of her New Year resolutions was to race LESS – LOL.  So far, Lillian has run 8 full marathons, 20 half marathons and countless races of other distances.  Her favorite race distance is the half marathon.   Lillian lives in Cross Creek Ranch.  Since it felt like way out there in the boondocks, in 2016 while training for her first full marathon, she started coordinating the 5@5 (5 miles at 5 am) Lillian likes to talk about all things running on her instagram page where you can follow her @slowkenyanrunner

Chris Wetherholt – After tearing every ligament in his knee with the doctor explaining that his knee basically exploded in a softball game, unable to afford surgery, Chris limped around for 14 months. Finally, his knee felt back to normal, self-healed. He rehabbed for a month and tried to play again. This time when he went to plant his foot to throw the ball back Into the infield.  His knee collapsed and he fell to the ground. At this moment he knew he couldn’t play sports anymore. Any lateral or sudden movements and his knee would buckle.  So, he sat around for over 2 years eating window, pizza drinking soda and anything else he could get my hands on.  A friend of his was running the Bayou City Classic 10k in March of 2017.  Chris went and watched the race and was so inspired.  He saw every type of runner there was.  He thought if they can do it then so could he.  And, he was in need of something to drive himself back to a healthy lifestyle. Chris found the couch to 5k app and was immediately addicted. In April 2017 Chris officially became a runner. His first race was the Shipleys 2 mile run. He couldn’t even run the whole thing without walking. Chris kept working finally up to a full 5k. Then kept going to 10k, and then trained for his first half marathon which was the Brazos Bend Half Marathon in December 2017. It was a struggle but he finished. Then Chris ran Katy the following February in 2018 which was his first road half marathon and was absolutely hooked on half marathons. In March of 2018, Chris decided to go for a full marathon and ran the Houston Half and Cypress Half in 2018 as training and set a PR for both. Then came the big day. Although really slow, he completed his first marathon in January 2019. 2 weeks later Chris broke 2 hrs at the Katy Half Marathon. Then he decided to go for a qualifying time to get into the front coral of Houston 2020. At vintage park Chris set a 4th straight PR in the half and qualified with 1:48. In October 2019, he competed his second marathon at Chicago. Chris is now completely excited for his 3rd marathon in January 2020 at Houston.  Chris feels that all things happen for a reason. If it wasn’t for the knee injury, he would have never found running. Still unable to play sports, basketball, baseball, etc because of lateral and sudden movements, running he can control. And, though he misses playing softball with his friends, Chris has found a new passion in running.